Do you supply for DIY?

Sorry no. Are vinyls are professional products, which require trained technicians to install, maintaining very high standards, comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and warranties.


Do you offer your service in my area?

We are base in Bordon, Hampshire. We operate all over the UK and parts of Europe.


Will the vinyl fade, lift or peel after a few years?

Our vinyls are designed to be a hardwearing long term solution. Tthey are very resilient to abrasion, ultraviolet light (UV), including some acids, steam and water. Professionally installed all our products have a 10 year warranty against peeling, discolouration and fading. Our vinyls are also heat, mould, abrasion, microbial, stain, fire and resistant. Our vinyls meet with current child safety and environmental standards and A+ fire rated.


Can you wrap bedroom furniture?

Yes. Most non-porous and smooth surfaces can be wrapped, including walls columns and ceilings. Whether it’s walls, bathrooms, bedroom wardrobes, cupboards, tables, worktops or doors. If you are unsure, call us or send us a picture and we will have a look.


Would the wrapping effect our furniture and fixings?

For a professional finish, all fixtures and fittings such as door handles, hooks and locks can easily be removed and replaced once the vinyl has been applied.


Are these vinyl wraps the same vinyl used to wrap cars and commercial vehicles?

No…. Vehicle vinyl wraps are mainly used for advertising can be easily removed returning the vehicle it to its original colour without the need for expensive repainting. Our vinyls are designed to be a permanent solution. Constructed from tough thicker material and very strong adhesives that will not shrink over time(unlike vehicle vinyl wrap). All with easy clean, fade, abrasion and scratch resistance finishes for a long life.


How long is the installation process?

A small kitchen normally takes one day to complete. When quoting a project, we will give you an estimated time to complete the works.


Can you apply vinyl wrap on my worktops and will the hot pan damage the vinyl?

We can apply to most worktop surfaces. It would be safe to make a cup of tea on your vinyl surface. However we would not recommend that you can put a hot saucepan or baking tray directly on the vinyl.


For more information, call 01428 751004 or

Email info@colourtransformations.co.uk