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Creative Architectural Finishes

Why replace it. When you can upgrade it?
Add new life to your furniture walls and building exteriors.

Colour Transformations unique textured self adhesive vinyl wraps offer a very cost effective method for refurbishing existing and new surfaces.

Our 3D hard wearing creative vinyl synthetic laminate coverings are designed to realistically recreate the look and feel of natural more expensive materials. We have over 800 3D creative finishes include Wood, Metallic, Solid Colours, Glitter, Fabric, Natural Stone, Marble and Leather.

Perfect for modernizing or updating old and tired furniture including kitchens units, doors lobbies, office furniture and most non- porous  surfaces.

Designed to breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces. Our textured vinyls offer a highly cost-effective and low-maintenance covering that is both quick and easy to apply. Adding additional benefits such as resistance to water, mould, abrasion, acid, stains, fade and UV protection. It has never been easier to carry out a renovation project.

All of vinyl wraps include a 10 year guarantee against scaling, cracking, yellowing and other changes in appearance. The external surface’s remarkable qualities facilitate cleaning, prevent marking and impede mould growth. all our vinyls are Rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions) and fire resistant.

​Perfect on flat surfaces, or over complex curves. Ideal for Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Appliances, Wardrobes, Office Furniture, Tables, Boats, Children’s Furniture, Hotels, Lobbies, Walls and Ceilings . Virtually anything you can think of that has a smooth non-porous surface. The vinyl material itself is amazingly flexible but tough. Together with Adhesive Technology air channels, it enables fast, easy and a bubble-free application.

Exterior finishes

An innovative, cost effective new way of bringing your property right up to date. Specialising in the vinyl wrapping of windows, doors, cladding and panels; to achieve a modern, contemporary and high end look without the huge expense of replacement.

Usually used in automotive and aeronautical industry, our ultra high quality vinyl is designed to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions making it absolutely ideal for the exterior of your property.

With an extremely large range of colours and finishes we can work with you and advise which will work best to achieve the look and effect you’re looking for.

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